1. Dare To Be Different

    We might think today—in a time that is filled with irritation, intolerance, rudeness, anger, and division—that many virtues which are to mark our lives as Christians have been forgotten.  In this new series of messages, we’ll be on a quest to rediscover them and offer practical, doable steps …Read More

  2. Jesus & Politics

    We are in the middle of a Presidential campaign, and our country will elect a President in less than 2 weeks! A number of us watched, or listened to, or have read about the Democratic and Republican Conventions. We tuned in to the Presidential and Vice Presidential Candidate debates. Our Facebook an…Read More


    Our church family will "gather" on Facebook Live On Sunday mornings at 10am to worship together--separately but still united. Even if you are not on Facebook, we would encourage you to join us for worship by clicking here. If you join the stream a few minutes early, you can connect by sharing a comm…Read More