1. Free Bible!

    There is no other book quite like the Bible. As a literary composition, it is unparalleled. It is a library of 66 books collected into 2 sections, the Old and New Testaments, written over 1500 years by 40 different authors in 3 languages. These books contain various forms of literature, narrative, h…Read More

  2. A Season of Transition in our Church Family

    In our worship service on February 7, 2021, I (Senior Pastor Ben Hoerr) shared a message on the significance of seasons—based on Ecclesiastes 3—where I encouraged us to think of seasons of birthing, nurturing, and balancing as a helpful framework for understanding God’s work in our lives. I us…Read More

  3. Come, Holy Spirit!

    Sometimes, the simplest, shortest prayers are the most powerful. Or, they are the only words we can muster in certain situations. Prayers like: “Help, Lord.” “Father, forgive me.” “God, please guide me.” For centuries, Christians have also prayed this simple, powerful prayer, “Come, Ho…Read More