1. Regathering for In-Person Worship!

    We are planning to regather for in-person worship services on Sunday, June 6! Now if you desire to postpone your return until later, we fully bless your decision, and we will continue to live-stream the service to facilitate your continued participation. For those who plan to return, you can anticip…Read More

  2. A Season of Transition in our Church Family

    In our worship service on February 7, 2021, I (Senior Pastor Ben Hoerr) shared a message on the significance of seasons—based on Ecclesiastes 3—where I encouraged us to think of seasons of birthing, nurturing, and balancing as a helpful framework for understanding God’s work in our lives. I us…Read More

  3. Old Testament Postcards

    Postcards are fun to receive, aren’t they? They are colorful, often artistic, or feature a great photograph. Informative. Short (so they don’t take long to either compose or read). Inexpensive to mail. Easy to store. They make great framed pictures. And they remind us of a bigger story (our love…Read More