1. 20/20 VISION

    20/20 VISION We welcome the New Year--and New Decade--with a God-inspired vision for life, relationships, vocation, and church. You're invited to join us as we explore what the Holy Spirit is inviting us to experience! If you don't have a church home, or are looking for a fresh start, consider joini…Read More

  2. Start Here: 30-Minute Free Lunch for Newcomers!

    Sunday, January 26, 11:30am immediately following the service. This fun, fast-paced introduction to the Vineyard Church is great for anyone new to the Vineyard or for folks trying to figure out how to navigate life in our church family. Kicks off with a free lunch, and there's plenty of opportunity …Read More

  3. Kids Rock!

    Jesus welcomed the children . . . and so do we! Every child is a valuable gift from God with a unique story to live out! Consequently, kids are an active and integral part of our church family. ¬†We don't ever want our kids to feel like they're on the sidelines, waiting to "get big" before they can …Read More