Face & Body Expression Art Class

Thursday, July 25, 10am-3pm, at The Vineyard Church.

We’re excited to announce that Jonathan Lange, a local artist and Vineyard member, is holding an all-afternoon art class where the students will be taught how to draw facial expressions and body language! We will start by focusing on a more “cartoony” style as an easier way of understanding how to break down the face and articulate its expression. Bring a handheld mirror as we will be using ourselves as the example that we draw from!

At the beginning of the class, we will see what expression each student would like to draw, and then we will work on sketching that out. Throughout the day the student can either learn to draw different expressions or continue their focus on the original piece and draw a more detailed, comic book style of face. Then students take the next step up and redraw the expression as a more photo-real look.

After lunch we will incorporate body language and how to depict the expression and emotion we have chosen for our face to accompany the body.

Tuition is $70. Bring your own pencils, paper, hand-held mirror, and sack lunch!

For additional information, questions, or to register, contact Jonathan Lange by phone call at (309)-339-7907 or email at jlange7@gmail.com or by FB messenger.