We are in the middle of a Presidential campaign, and our country will elect a President in less than 2 weeks! A number of us watched, or listened to, or have read about the Democratic and Republican Conventions. We tuned in to the Presidential and Vice Presidential Candidate debates. Our Facebook and Twitter feeds have been blowing up with charges, counter-charges, fact-checking, and fact-checking the fact-checking. Your news sources are filled with opinions about the suitability of all the candidates for office.

Don’t WORRY! We’re NOT going to tell you who to vote for. We’re NOT going to assess the fitness of the candidates. We’re NOT going to shame or belittle anyone choosing to vote for either candidate or who someone who elects not to vote at all.

This message is going to of offer some context on one of Jesus’ most significant saying about “politics” in Mark 12 and then build a bridge between it and our world today by suggesting a few healthy best practices of application.

You can listen to the message here.