There are many different ways for you to serve, to find help, to grow, and be involved at The Vineyard.

Start Here: 30-Minute Lunch Party

If you are new, still trying to figure out how to navigate life, or have questions, attend Start Here. It’s a fun, face-paced ½-hour exploration of church life in the Vineyard that’s offered regularly. It kicks off with a free lunch immediately after the service, and allows plenty of time for small group discussion and questions. Supervised child care is provided as well.

Join a Community Group

We’ve found that getting involved in Community Groups is one of the best ways to cultivate friendships and grow personally and spiritually. These groups of 5-15 people meet regularly in someone’s home or apartment at a number of locations in the tri-county area. Because people are in a wide variety of places and stations in life, we offer a number of different kinds of group experiences.

LIFE GROUPS focus on developing friendships and simply doing life together. We may eat together, play games, watch movies, or do other social and fun things. GROWTH GROUPS focus on personal and spiritual growth by studying a particular book, DVD series, devotional, or other prepared material. These groups meet for a specific number of weeks. SMALL GROUPS—our most common community group—focus on connecting with one another by applying the Bible to everyday life, worshiping God, supporting and encouraging one another through ministry prayer, meeting spiritual and practical needs, and hanging out and doing life together.

Browse our groups online or pick up a flyer at the Info Center on Sunday. If you try a group and it’s not a fit, give another one a shot. One thing is for sure, once you find a group, it’ll change your life.


As followers of Jesus, we feel that our lives should be defined by serving others in meaningful ways. This isn’t just a “program,” but rather a lifestyle. Whether in small groups, on the hospitality team, in joint efforts with others in the city, or in our home or on the job, we hope to be the kind of people who display the love of God through acts of service.

Many people have found that helping out around the church—particularly in the weekend service on one of our ministry teams—is one of the easiest ways to begin. We have opportunities that range from very low to very high commitment. If you would like to serve, simply contact someone about specific opportunities by completing this form and indicating your interest.


We need people to lead kids’ small groups, be helpers who serve juice and clean up, watch babies in the nursery, offer child care during classes, or assist behind the scenes during the week.

Welcome Team

If you have a warm smile and an average handshake, you could serve on our Welcome Team as a greeter, a host, or someone who assists in receiving the offering.

Hospitality Team

This is a great low-risk, high reward way to get started at The Vineyard—make coffee, serve food, or assist with lunches.

Facility Team

Maybe you’d like to serve by cleaning the building, preparing the auditorium for the weekends, or care for the flowers or keep the parking lot clean.

Media Team

There are opportunities to run sound or projection or work on a special project.

Host a small group

If leading a small group seems intimidating, but you wouldn’t mind welcoming some folk into your living room, hosting a group is a great option.

Worship Team

There are opportunities to play an instrument on the team, assist the kids in worship, sing, or even lead worship in a small group.

Help out

Every week, there are always lots of jobs to do and errands to run. Programs need folding, supplies need to be purchased, or kid’s crafts need to be prepared. Amount of time and skill level required are widely varied.

Serve Our Cities

We really love Peoria (and the surrounding towns) and want to be as helpful as we can to our neighbors. Our hope is that if we disappeared, we’d actually be missed. We have found that one of the best ways to impact our community and work to make it whole is to simply serve people in really practical ways with no strings attached. So we share God’s love in a variety of ways—hand out free bottles of cold water in a parking lot or ice pops at a park, distribute light bulbs and toilet paper in a neighborhood, organize free garage sales, rake leaves, pick up trash, and a host of other creative, helpful ways.

And rather than re-invent the wheel, we’ve formed strategic and financial partnerships with other local organizations and churches—South Side Mission, Dream Center, and United Fellowship Ministries to name a few—that are already serving this community in powerful and effective ways. We join them regularly in their activities and outreaches.

Watch our homepage for the news of these events.


One of the really exciting parts of things about our community church family is how generous people are in supporting all the ways our church serves the community. Much of this generosity happens on Sunday morning when we receive an offering. However, if it’s easier for you to give online, you can do so here. All gifts are tax deductible