Matthew & Brittany Lappin

Lead Co-Pastors

Matthew and Brittany serve as our lead pastors which simply means they are generally responsible for the health and well-being of the church family. They both loves to tell stories, encourage people, and help them discover their unique calling in the Kingdom. In their spare time, you’ll often find them hanging out with friends or taking their kids on adventures to antique stores or out on the hiking trails. Brittany also loves her day-job as a Public School Teacher at the Peoria Heights Grade School. Matthew & Brittany have 2 beautiful children Arthur & Eleanor (Ellie).

Ben & Tina Hoerr

Founding Pastors

After 40+ years in ministry to the local church, both here in Peoria as well as Champaign-Urbana and the Central Illinois region, Ben & Tina have transitioned into a new phase of life and ministry. In late 2021 Ben and Tina passed the torch of leadership to the next generation after faithfully leading Vineyard Peoria for 10 years!