We meet Sundays at 10am. Everyone is welcome at our services! You certainly don’t have to consider yourself a Christian or know anything about God or the Bible to attend. And we understand that as friendly as most churches hope to be, it can be a little frightening to visit for the first time. Be assured that you won’t have to do anything you don’t want, and we promise not to make you feel put on the spot. We want to make your visit as smooth as possible, and let you know what to expect when you come. The whole thing lasts for about 70 minutes. We won’t mind if you are a little late or need to make a quick exit.


One of the first things you’ll notice is that everyone is dressed comfortably, most often quite casually. You can grab a free cup of coffee or tea, pick up a bagel or some fruit to eat, or head straight into the auditorium for the service. There will be friendly people around to show you where to go, and we have lots of informative, readable signs.

Our VineyardKids program is designed to be fun, safe, and to help kids explore faith and God on their own terms. Depending on their age, the kids experience a variety of activities, including stories, crafts, music, prayer time, and more. You’ll see the entrance to VineyardKids right inside the Commons upon entering. Simply proceed to the Check-In Station.

On your way into the auditorium, you’ll receive a program from one of our hosts. It provides a rundown of what to expect in the service as well as some announcements about upcoming events.

Every week our youth meet in the Commons area, immediately behind the room dividers in the Cafe.

Opening Song & Announcements

The service kicks off with a song by our band. Many people sing along to the words projected on the screens, but others don’t. You can feel free to participate as much as you want. After the opening song, there are some quick announcements.

Practical Message

Each week a member of our speaking team will give a 30-minute message. No shouting, stomping or spitting, just an honest look at scripture delivered in a conversational style. They cover meaningful and relevant topics, offer practical insights, and are punctuated with personal stories.

Offering & Worship

One of the marks of followers of Jesus is their generosity. At this juncture in our service we provide an opportunity to express love and devotion to God through giving of financial resources. Of course, guests should feel no obligation to give, but are welcome to participate.

This is followed with about 20 more minutes of simple, powerful, and intimate worship of God in song led by musicians accompanied by an acoustic guitar or keyboard. Some people may physically express their praise through singing, raised hands and clapping, others are still and quiet, some remain seated just listening or contemplating, or some may even kneel. There is no pressure or expectation on you either way.


The service ends with an opportunity for anyone who wants to receive personal, life-changing prayer from our prayer team. These folks have been trained to pray with sensitivity and confidentiality. If you want prayer, you’ll be invited to the stage where you will meet the team. Otherwise, you will be dismissed to pick up your kids, grab another cup of coffee, meet some new people, visit the Info Center at the back of the auditorium (where you can pick up your free gift), or head home.